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Product Description

Vibratory Feeding Equipment
Master Magnets Ltd can supply a complete range of vibrating feeders suitable for any type of materials handling application. Vibratory feeding equipment is used to produce an even spread of dry, free-flowing materials. It is particularly important to get an even spread of material prior to downstream magnetic separation equipment as this will present an even flow of material and will minimise the depth of the product to ensure the highest levels of separation are achieved. For heavy-duty applications, Master Magnets offer a comprehensive range of 'out of balance' motor feeders . These efficient and economical feeders range from small compact units to large throughput feeders weighing several tonnes.

Optional Extras

Abrasion Resistant Liners - Replaceable wear covers can be applied to the feeders for applications that involve abrasive product streams.
Stainless Steel Troughs - In applications where overband magnets are installed above feeders, it is necessary that stainless steel troughs are used to avoid magnetising the body of the Feeder.
Stainless Steel End Sections - For applications that involve magnetic separators in close proximity to the end of the feeder, stainless steel end sections can be utilised to ensure that the feeder does not become magnetised.