Our Products : Fuji Robots Palettizer


The EC-101 robot is one of the most efficient robotic palletizers, utilizing only 2.5 kVA. The EC-101 offers moderate production rates making this a cost effective solution for a variety of applications.


The EC-151 has a slightly shorter profile than other models. This allows EC-151 to operate in tight floor space and ceiling height environment, three versions of this robot: EC-151A/B/C provide various combinations of the vertical and horizontal reach based on the project requirements.


The EC-171 robot has the largest working envelope of all Fuji Robot models. It also maintains the smallest rotation radius, while consuming only 4 kva of energy. This robot is a great mid-level option.


Through many years of research and development the EC-201 robot is one of the most technologically advanced robotic palletizers on the market today. This model can be configured for high speed or heavy weight applications.

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