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Product Description

High Intensity Electro magnetic filters
The Master Magnets high intensity electromagnetic filter is designed for the continuous removal of ferrous/magnetic particles from liquid based applications, the separator is also capable of separating a high percentage of paramagnetic particles. The Mastermag Electro Magnetic Filter is capable handling anything from 45 litres per minute to 900 litres per minute depending on the application. The filter consists of a highly efficient computer designed coil into which a canister containing a stainless steel matrix is inserted. Mastermag high intensity electromagnetic filters are supplied with a single inlet and outlet to and from the matrix. The product is fed to the separator at the bottom via a butterfly valve passing up through the matrix. The Matrix will then use its amplified magnetic field to capture magnetic particles found in the product stream, allowing the cleaned product to pass out the top of the separator. To clean the separator contaminates are washed down through the matrix with automatic cycle, once the separator is de-energised. Mastermag electro filters are available at 2500, 5000 and 10,000 gauss strengths to meet different applicational needs.