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Machine Model Description Speed
IBC PF4 HIGH SPEED FILLING OF 4 LOOP BIG BAGS. The unique semi-suspension filling concept is simple, automatic, effective and patented. 25-45 bags/hour
IBC PF2 Modular machine for filling big bags and rigid containers. Supplied with roller or belt conveyors. For filling sugar, salt, pelleted sludge, milk powder, chemicals. 15-60 bags/hour
IBC PF1 Adaptable weigh-fill station for big bags and rigid containers. For filling food ingredients, fine chemicals, pigments, mineral powders, detergents. 5-10 bags/hour
IBC SP A machine for filling light aerated powders – cement, milk powder, soda ash, vermiculite, icing sugar. 5-10 bags/hour
IBC PW High speed filling of big bags – single loop or 4 loop. For filling fertiliser, plastic pellets, chemicals. 45-85 bags/hour
IBC RIII 3 station Rotary Carousel for high speed filling of bags with fine powders, pearls and granules – PTA (Pure terephthalic acid), soda ash, gluten flour, chemicals, carbon black, cement, PFA. 45-70 bags/hour