Our Products : Bag Filling Machines : Baling Machines for Horse Feed, Animal Bedding and Composts

Machine Model Description Speed
Auto Baling Machines High speed, dual functioning bagging and baling machine suitable for automatic packing of horse (chopped hay, fodder, alfa alfa, silage) and cattle feeds, animal bedding as well as compost and bark. Fully automatic operation, the same machine is able to pack 5-50 litre bags and/or 5kg to 25kg bales 15-30 bags/minute
5-6 bales/minute
Bale Palletizing Systems Robot Palletizer for bales and bags. The Okura robot palletizer from Webster Griffin is economical, versatile, compact and reliable, and is also able to handle two different bale/bag sizes simultaneously. 6-15 bales / minute